A longplot is a range of suitable graphics that represent the relationship within the values of one, or a limited number, of variables in a dataset. Each graphic relates the values of all the selected variables and eventually the row number in which they appear.

longplot(data, vars, label = TRUE, dir = tempdir())



Data.frame. Default dataset to use for plot. If not already a data.frame, it should be first coerced to by [as.data.frame()].


Character. A specific variable within the dataset.


Logical. If `TRUE` the output includes labels that show the names of the graphics that are being displayed.


Directory in which the files are stored.


Cause the side-effect of creating and displaying a temporary html file that includes a range of graphics suitable for this particular combination of variables.


In order to present the range of graphics, the user must define a dataset and select at least one variable whitin it. Future work will include graphics that can combine up to three variables.


if (interactive()) { longplot(esoph, "tobgp") }